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LG KF Secret. Every day we replenish our collection, sort, and offer you only the best. Begin Survey Don't show this message for one day. To activate full-screen touch capability you have to hold down the 'Touch Media' button on the side of the phone. The pin-sharp 2. LG KF themes - free download mob. Owner's Manual Recommended Show all.

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LG has as well left to city on the creation standards, skilfully statue this hiss skater from metal, carbon fibre and unreal buckskin trappings. The effect is a reassuringly hard and fairly heavy handset. The Covert is the third replica in LG's Black Ticket series of fashionable and serviceable cell phones.

The closing Black Ticket item, the Shine, was eclipsed by the windfall Prada phone, however the earliest replica in the series, the Chocolate, persists to advertise well in its multi coloured semblances. The Covert could be well thought-out the Chocolate blot 2. Enjoy the Chocolate it's a elegant slider with touch sensitive keys on the front facade and a level key pad base a firmly sprung slider.

It's as well concord, at now 12mm thick one of the thinnest sliders existing. Of course there are developments - the irregularly aggravating touch sensitive key pad has been replaced by separate switchs that require a excellent click, and the touch sensitive routing keys can react to the touch with a call, a shaking and a wave of neon light. The Covert is out! LG's KF Covert, that is. Earliest senses are excellent, with an array of foreign resources cover the device, creation it appear very luxurious.

With your earliest look leading the LG Covert you'll catch manually lusting after it, its thin build sketch you in for a quicker appear. You won't be let-down onetime you choose it up, as it ambiances very firmly builded.

Concrete masss are a slim The front of the device is conquered by a big bileed goblet bank over the LCD and touch receptive keys.

Near the bottom of this goblet a lonely switch sits, now mentioned the 'Call', annul, and 'End' keys that emphasize the LCD.

A chromed band blueprints the facade, congruent in with chrome cadences on the single switch and earpiece. The phone is smooth and quite barren button wise though, this appears to work with the generally appear and styling of the phone. The Front Consists of a four way neon routing in the centre of which is the major agency switch, afterward you have the normal call switchs and a annul switch.

The front as well buildings an internal camera lens for video calls. The phone now enjoy the two black ticket series phones that came ahead it is a slider and whenever airy you have the normal numeric key pad which consists of soft keys as appose to touch receptive options. On the Back you'll catch a 5 mega-pixel camera with flash as well as the carbon fibre battery cover that contributes to the phones hardiness and generally styling.

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The casing is a mixture of metal, pleather plastic leather, if you must know and carbon fibre, and while some might argue this combination won't be to everyone's taste, it nevertheless exudes class and sophistication.

Thankfully, it's no slouch in the technology department either. Sporting a five-megapixel camera at the time of writing this is the slimmest 5MP slider phone, fact fans , motion-controlled games and a touchscreen display, The Secret ticks pretty much all of the boxes you'd expect from a top of the line mobile. The camera is practically identical to the one seen in the popular LG Viewty, which is no bad thing when you consider that the Viewty was marketed as 'a camera with a phone' as opposed to the other way around.

The 5MP sensor generates top-notch snaps and the auto-focus works well considering how thin The Secret is. The flash can be a little overbearing in dark situations but, this minor niggle aside, we were extremely impressed with the standard of photography.

This is the kind of handset that just might convince us to ditch our digital camera altogether. As well as taking pictures the camera can also be used to capture movies, which can be recorded at frames a second to produce a 'slow motion' effect. It's also possible to go in the opposite direction and record comical Benny Hill-style clips.

LG KF750 Secret

The chances of these features proving to be anything but amusing diversions is negotiable, but they're an enjoyable addition regardless. Sticking with the theme of multimedia for the moment, The Secret also possesses some respectable music playback credentials.

While the software isn't as adept as that seen in Sony Ericsson's latest Walkman phones, it more than gets the job done. The phone comes with a measly amount of onboard memory so the purchase of a MicroSD card is essential if you want to listen to your beloved tunes on the move. The Secret also makes sure that prospective gamers are well catered for. The phone comes pre-loaded with LG's own 'M-Toy' gaming system, which showcases six different motion-sensitive titles.

LG KF750 Secret Themes

Thankfully, there's more than enough depth here to keep dedicated mobile gamers happy, although it remains to be seen if LG will release more games for the service. As well as M-Toy there's support for traditional downloadable Java games.


The pin-sharp 2. We tried to download a few of our favourite titles in order to benchmark the gaming performance of The Secret but sadly we found that most weren't supported by the handset.


Whether or not this is a problem that can be overcome given time is a question for the future, but it would severely dent The Secret's appeal to pocket gamers if the situation isn't resolved. Like The Chocolate and The Shine before it, The Secret makes use of touch-sensitive controls — surely the technological fad of the moment.